Antique Crock Side Table

Crock side table.


My dad sent me a picture via text about a crock. I got super excited because I love the old flour stoneware crocks that are floating around the prairies. I especially like to find them for a good price. I got this one and the 2 gallon one, which are both in mint condition.


When he sent me the picture I did not full appreciate the size of this crock. When I arrived to pick it up it was huge. I wasn’t even sure it should fit in my mini cooper.IMG_5589


Dad found them in the garage of a 72-year-old man who grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. He and his brother would go everyday and fill it full of water from the well and take back to the farm-house. The crock moved with them as they travelled across the prairies until his family finally settled in Alberta in the early 1970’s.


I got this giant beauty home finally. I kept in my front foyer and Rosie decided it was a good place to hide from the thunder.


IMG_5427So, Dad and I got out my mini bandsaw and I found a nice piece of pine board in my wood stash and viola! Antique crock side table. I am not worried about it breaking because this is a huge and thick crock. It has survived travel across the prairies and being handled by teenage boys


I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Now I need to decide what colour to stain it. Should I go barn board grey? Vintage Singer sewing machine red or something completely different?IMG_2332 IMG_2331



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