Shrunken Sweater Chair Reupholster


Sure there are a million other things to do with a shrunken sweater. There are even ways on Pintrest to un-skrink it, but hey I have four of these really pretty antique chairs that are covered in a not-so-me greenish-grey velour. It doesn’t match my decor but it is sturdy. I use this chairs in my house for decoration and seating occasionally when I have  lots of people over. They are not my everyday chair because they are tiny and a little bit delicate.

So, I shrunk my favourite sweater accidentially . I love the colour and the fit and everything about this sweater. Then one day I accidentally washed it on hot water and it became a tiny sweater. Darn! I kept it and knew that I would do something with it when inspiration hit. Plus the shrunken sweater will not fray like a normal sweater would. If you do not have a shrunken sweater you can make one from an old sweater hiding in your closet or one from a thrift store.



Shrunk sweater







Here is my shrunken little beauty. It is officially toddler sized now.


I sized the sweater to the chair and I needed it to be a little bigger to fit. I used my legs to stretch it out. Don’t worry pull it, you will hear the fabric stretching. Just don’t pull hard enough to rip it (The odds are slim, but anything is possible.)


The chair and it’s underside


More stretching and I cut the sweater down the back to create a flat piece of fabric to work with

  IMG_3690 IMG_3692

I started at the back of the chair and stapled then moved to the front.


and pull it behind the fabric and wood frame. Be sure to pull it tight to keep the fabric nice and flat.

IMG_3694 IMG_3695

a close up. Be sure to keep the fabric tight in order to keep out wrinkles and then just trim the extra fabric that hangs down to keep everything neat and tidy looking.

IMG_3698 IMG_3699IMG_5588

The finished piece and I didn’t even have to remove the old fabric. I left it underneath to add more support to the shrunk sweater.


Happy Crafting

~ Nicole