Two Toned Hutch

Last summer  I was scrounging my favourite spots for furniture and found an aweome deal on a Canadian maple hutch, table and four chairs. It’s candaian made and right out of the 80’s. It’s my exact vintage actually! I knew this would work perfectly in my new place.

I cleaned it out and scrubbed it down. I let it dry and coated it in two coats of white primer. I let it dry 24 hours between coats just to be sure it’s dry. Then I painted it with this lovely shade of grey–it’s a mistint so I can’t tell you the name of the colour. I don’t have any before pictures. I left the inside of the hutch primer white because I like the crispness of the primer against the softness of the grey.







And here she sits in my dining room with my other Funky Junky and Interesting Upcyles.


Happy Crafting,