Ten Minute Wine Glass Storage Fix

I have a tiny little kitchen and only two full sized cabinets for glasses and plates. Not to mention I have 10′ ceilings and full height cabinets. I moved from a much larger house and did I mention I am a glassware hoarder?

I have been searching for a wine glass holder. My choices are limited in the Great White North and the only option was to order something online, get them to ship it up here and then pay duties and import taxes which can sometime be very expensive. My only options were going to cost me $80. No way.

I had plans on making something with my router and wood but I stumbled across this out of luck at Pier1 plus it took ten minutes to install. Insert Happy Dance here!


here is the package from Pier1 plus it was under $20






All the tools I needed!


I was storing my wine glasses on my counter because I am a glassware hoarder.


and here is the final result. There is some wasted space on the side but considering I saved $60 I can live with that.


Happy Crafting

~ Nicole