Buralp Wreath with Metal Star

I love fall and I love burlap, it’s so rough and pretty. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Recently one a trip to Newfoundland I noticed that everyone has a metal star on their home. I love these metal stars so I scoured Alberta to come up empty handed. I gave up. Then I on a happy accident I found a beautiful black metal star to match my blue and black duplex. I love the east coast colours so naturally my home is east coast blue with gorgeous black stone and matching trim. I couldn’t say no. So, naturally I took the black metal star home.

Then I came across the blog  mycrazygoodlife while searching burlap wreaths on Pintrest. It’s a descriptive and simple “how-to” for a burlap wreath. So I was inspired to make a burlap wreath and combine my black star so I can hang it on my front door for a little more privacy. the large glass pane allows anyone who walks up my front steps to peer right into my home. I have a feeling curtains are next.

Here is how I made my wreath:


One large metal star from Rafters ( Brand Stargazer Originals made in Mississauga)

30 yards or 27.3 meters of 6″ wide burlap which worked out to be 3 AShland brand burlap rolls from Michael’s

One 24″ metal wreath blank from Michael’s

A pile of patience

and whatever adornments you want to make your wreath pretty

I followed the instructions for making the wreath from mycrazygoodlife posted above. I pretty much followed them exactly except I did not use floral wire to secure the beginning  of each burlap strip I used the small brown twin that held the roll together as part of the packaging.

Here are a few tips that I used to make my wreath.

Double knot the twine onto the frame.


then tie the tail. Voila easy peasy right?


Leave a long tail on the wreath if you plan to hang it by a strap over the door instead of a traditional metal hook.

the long tail for hanging and star holding

then take the tail and put it through this hole

the holder from the store that I used to attach the star to the wreath. Loop the tail in there.

loop in into here and pull through.IMG_2259

And here it is on my door. It’s been up from October 2014 until today and it is in great shape. I did not seal it with anything.


Happy Crafting



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