I have tiny hands and I can honestly say that when I am trying to change the battery on my power tools it can sometimes be hard. I just don’t have the same hand span as your average man and because of that I like to find tools that are easy for my petite self to use.  I am not paid for any of my tool choices or reviews but I still want to share some reviews and tips for my readers. I have ample experience with power tools because I am a Journeyman Ironworker for the last 12 years. My father is also  retired Ironworker and hobby carpenter for the majority of his life. He is really handy.

If you plan on  spending the money on the tools make sure they fit your body type and size. I am petite with little hands so holding tools or changing the batteries can be difficult for me. These reviews are my opinion only. Be sure to test the tool out with the display model before you buy it.

The best times to buy power tools are around man holidays. What is a man holiday you ask? Well its father’s day or Christmas/ Boxing day. Those are to two days that the tools are the cheapest in my experience, but watch the flyers or you can sign up for a tools price drop at most hardware stores like at Canadian Tire if you are from the Great White North like myself. You may have to sign up for an account but it’s worth it because you can sometimes save up to 80% off.

My two preferred brands are Porter-Cable and Mastercraft from Canadian Tire. Porter-Cable is a bit more expensive than Mastercraft but I can always find a MasterCraft tool on sale if I want long enough and Canadian Tire has an good warranty and a price match provided you keep your receipt.



I really like the set of Porter Cable 12 v Li-ion  3/8 drill and 1/4 hex impact driver. They are light-weight and easy to hold. The impact driver can change bits effortlessly so I can use different types of screws and the batteries charge fast and stay charged longer. Plus I can change the batteries with one hand unlike most drills which are too bulky and awkward for me. You can find the set here at Lowes but I am sure you can find it elsewhere as well. I got mine on sale and I love them. Plus these drills have the power to finish mostly any project and do not die out quickly. They have a lot of power for a cordless drill.



I also have a two saws from my Porter-Cable tool kit very similar to this one here at Lowes. I did not buy mine from Lowes I bought it directly from the Porter-Cable/ Dewalt Distributor in Edmonton. Dad found the set a few days after boxing day for an awesome price.


I really like the circular saw in the above bundle because it’s cordless so it’s portable and you don’t have to worry about cutting your cord off acccidentially. However, it has a smaller blade and is good for tiny around the house projects. I found it died half way through my raised bed and I had to wait for the battery to charge. The batteries Charge fast so if you plan right you can take a linch break while your battery charges. However, if I had a corded circular saw I could have kept going.

The reciprocating saw is handy also because it doesn’t have a cord so I can take it anywhere, literally I can throw it in the back of my card and use it in the middle of the woods. That’s why I love the battery but again, if your battery dies you half to wait for it to charge but that is not long maybe 30-45 min max.


Paint Sprayer


I have a Wagner easy-tilt electric paint sprayer like this one here. I only used water-based paint in it too. The number one thing I learned about it is it can not be cleaned too much. You really want to make sure that it is cleaned according to the manual. It is easy to clean but it is also messy like all sprayers. I used a old plastic tub to clean it out in and changed the water frequently. You need to let the nozzle area dry before using it again and make sure you use it in a well ventilated area. I also wore a dust mask so I would;t breath in any paint vapours.





Most importantly always follow the manual when using your power tools, changing blades or performing maintenance , and ALWAYS wear the proper protective equipment.




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